West Virginia  Federation of Democratic Women


About Us


A Message From The WVFDW President

"I am truly excited about the opportunity to serve as State President! I believe our plan for the next two years will help us grow and, most critically, will allow us to help build our Democratic Party in West Virginia. Join us!" 


Our Mission

The WVFDW aims to unite West Virginia's county Democratic Women's clubs into one group working together for the success of the Democratic Party by:

   *Stimulating interest and participation in government affairs.

  *Promoting the fundamental principles for which the Democrat party traditionally and historically stands.

      *Developing leadership and promoting harmony within the party ranks.


Get Involved

All West Virginia Democratic Women's Clubs may become members of this organization provided their purposes and activities are in harmony with the principles of the Democratic Party, that each club should be organized within it's county or metropolitan area, and that each club must have and maintain twenty-five (25) members or more paid voting members who are registered Democrat in their counties.  

The Federation is chartered through the Secretary of State's office, making it a political entity of it's own, empowered to work through and with the State Executive Committee. Thus, membership in the Federation removed clubs from local political factional struggles at the county level. 

One of the chief advantages of belonging to the Federation is the bonding of women for common purposes. It gives clubs a sense of identity larger than that created by being a single entity. In turn, the Federation's identity is enhanced by belonging to the National Federation of Democratic Women.